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“Hetalia Axis Powers Trading Acrylic Keychain Set by CanariaMSRP: 5,184 yen per box (all 8 keychains included), Release Date: May 2018
Available for pre-order via CDJapan! Purchases via CDJapan help financially support this blog.Other...


Hetalia Axis Powers Trading Acrylic Keychain Set by Canaria

MSRP: 5,184 yen per box (all 8 keychains included), Release Date: May 2018

Available for pre-order via CDJapan! Purchases via CDJapan help financially support this blog.

Other retailers will be added when available.

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leahsaccount asked: Hi! I'd like to ask if you know of a place where I could find Hetalians who live in my state/area. One of my friends is hosting a meetup at a local mall in Georgia and we're having trouble finding people who can come. Facebook/Tumblr have been relatively quiet and we thought a popular blog like yours might have some ideas. Thanks for your help!

Organizing meetups can be a little difficult, especially with fans spread out amidst various social platforms these days. Persistent advertising is the best thing to do. When my friends and I have run Hetalia Day we’ve done the following to spread the word:

  • Create an event page on Facebook for basic meetup info and to get an estimate of how many people might attend, etc.
  • Post/reblog on tumblr regularly, or any other social media that may have local fans. Ask them to share the info among their friends.
  • Promote the event at other events (with permission). I.E. if there is a local convention you’re attending that has a Hetalia panel, ask if you can announce your event there.
  • Make fliers and leave them at local shops you think fans might visit (with permission). So check with any local anime/book/comic shops, or maybe even libraries that may offer a place to leave fliers or a board to post bulletins. Make su re your flier mentions the date, time, and place where the event is occurring!! You can also add a link to a website/social media page where they can find more info.
  • Or if attending a con, pass out fliers to any fans/cosplayers you run into. We’ve sometimes set out fliers at our artist alley table for people to pick up.

These methods have really helped us, so I hope that they’ll be beneficial to you. And if anyone else has further suggestions, please add your comments too.

Good luck!

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Hetalia Earphone Jack Accessory by License Agent

MSRP: 734 yen each, Release Date: April 2018

Available for pre-order via CDJapan. Purchases via CDJapan help financially support this blog.

Other retailers: AmiAmi. Only APH Allies and Axis characters are available for pre-order. 

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Hetalia World ☆ Stars - Chapter 359
Translation: spaghettifelice // donamoeba
Scanlation: jammerlea

Please link back to our Tumblr when using translated images
on other sites.
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“Hetalia The World Twinkle Pukutto Badge Collection by License AgentMSRP: 7,722 yen per box (all 13 badges included). Release Date: April 2018
Available for pre-order via CDJapan! Purchases via CDJapan help financially support this...


Hetalia The World Twinkle Pukutto Badge Collection by License Agent

MSRP: 7,722 yen per box (all 13 badges included). Release Date: April 2018

Available for pre-order via CDJapan! Purchases via CDJapan help financially support this blog.

Other retailers: AmiAmi. (Psst: A 300 yen coupon is available for CDJapan)

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Hetalia World ☆ Stars - Chapter 358
Translation: spaghettifelice // donamoeba
Scanlation: cosyanet // jammerlea

Please link back to our Tumblr when using translated ima ges
on other sites.
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Hetalia Archives Site Layout Updates and Changes


Hello everyone! It seems like ages since we’ve made one of these posts, but we’ve recently made some layout changes to the site’s navigation to hopefully make browsing the site much easier.


The biggest change is that we’ve updated the categories listed on the sidebar. While the general “Media” category still exists, you can now directly go to categories for Audio Media and Games. Additionally, the Musicals category has been added.


Within each of these Categories we’ve set up a header with set of links, parsing it down from the large number of pages present in the category and directing you towards pages such as “List of Hetalia: Axis Powers episodes” which lists all the anime episode pages in order. Hopefully this will make the site more user-friendly for those just casually browsing.


Speaking of casual browsing, we’ve also updated two of the index templates (for the Anime and CDs) to make them more compact and easier to read. The drawback is that every article can immediately be found on these navigation template now, but it was reaching the point where they were becoming too large and unmanageable.

Please let us know if you experience any issues with these changes, as we plan on hopefully rolling out more layout updates and additions over the coming months.

- Mod Andy

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Hetalia World ☆ Stars - Chapter 357
Translation: y4nderenka || donamoeba
Scanlation: buruzaitama

Please link back to our Tumblr when using translated images
on other sites.
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[Blog Update] It’s been a long time.



Again it’s been a long time since I posted…
Thank you always for reading Hetalia on Jump+. I’m Himaruya.
I wonder if it will be the Sunshine Building today. Thank you very much to those who came by for the event.
Anyhow, sorry for always being late because of this or that or a variety of things…

< /b>

It’s really amazing to be able to make acrylic keyholders, acrylic stands, and smart phone cases.
Many thanks to 13 Unit-kun for always teaching me new crafts and such like these and cheering me on.
My knowledge of making merchandise seems to have stopped during the time of King of Fighters. (´ー`)

Now I have the privilege of showing my gratitude!

Thank you so much for the New Years Cards! I’m very happy someone would think  “Ah, let’s write a New Years Card to Himaruya”!
Thank you so much for the Valentine’s and chocolates!
Seeing and getting absorbed with each nation’s chocolates, things that the characters like, and other cute things is always fun.Thank you so much for the letters and e-mails too! The warm messages are very encouraging.
It’s great that they were full of illustrations and masterpieces of original personified characters!

Thank you so very much!! <(_ _)>



For printing ↓ As long as you don’t sell it, printing and reprinting is OK.
[Click for full image]

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[Blog Update] March 11th Sunshine Creation 2018 Spring Participation



News relating to Sunshine Creation!

March 11th Sunshine Creation 2018 Spring
I will have the privilege of participating with “Shimaoka Healthland” at A1 Table A-09b.


Items for Distribution are:

  • Scary Stories From a Countryside High School Game (Paper Package Version): 800 yen
  • Scenario Collection: 500 yen
  • ◎Acrylic Stand (Acrylic Figure): 1,000 yen
  • ◎Laminated Card: 200 yen
  • Smart Phone Case: 3,000 yen
  • Ticket Case: 1,000 yen
  • 2018 Calendar: 1,000 yen
  • Acrylic Figure (3 Random Kinds): 1,000 yen

It’s as stated.

We plan to include one bonus copy of a letter paper for every copy of the game and every amount of 1000 yen.
There are 6 kinds of letter papers in total. They will be randomly distributed.
As for games, up to 3 copies will be given for 1 account. Please take note of this.


As a bonus, we plan to distribute papers and such. There will also be papers for “Come over Tohogu”, so please look forward to it! You might be familiar with the Fukushima prefecture…?

[T/N: “Come Over Tohogu” is a non-Hima creation about the Tohoku region.]

Any p roduct with ◎ will be distributions that will be limited in number.
We will announce the limited number of items that day.

This time, we’ll be taking a break from giving paper presents to those who have the “2014 Winter Comiket versions” and “Animate versions” of Scary Stories from a Countryside High School. We took the staff, venue, and such into account. Please take note.

Requests for that day
① For smooth delivery, if you are near our circle, please be prepared with your money.
② If you stand close to our circle, it might be difficult for the other participants to exchange and such. Please be careful.
③ Please refrain from cutting in. We want to savour the kindness of all of Shimaoka. We’re planning on accepting letters until 13:00. Please give them to the staff in charge.
④ After that, we can’t deal with replacements and such, if there are any defects in your distributed it ems. If you receive it, we request an early confirmation.
⑤ On the last day, we will work to take paper distribution, letter paper distribution, mail orders and such into consideration. Please do not purchase from auctions and such. These are distributions made with the desire to make everyone happy. Papers and letter papers are bonuses.
⑥ We request that you take care of your health and participate within reason.
⑦ Staff will be the ones helping out only on that day. Please refrain from flirting with them.

It’s planned this time too that 13th Unit-kun will get to answer as many questions as possible about Shimaoka Healthland’s participation with Sunshine Creation.
Please also use our Twitter.

11th Mar 2018 4:46pm 5 months ago 248 notes

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